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The Cheetah Girls Gave Black Girls Like Me a Space to Dream

  The film made me believe in the magic of Black girls dreaming undisturbed and undeterred. It inspired Black girls like me to dream with our whole hearts — and provided us the space to do so. 


​You Must Tell This Story

Though usually accompanied by rainbow acrylics and folksy patchwork, Alice Faye Duncan’s stories are not afraid to confront grim truths. 


10 Women Journalists Who Shaped How We See Hip-Hop

Throughout Hip-Hop's rise as a global cultural force, it has been diligently chronicled and analyzed by a myriad of passionate women journalists who've captured its essence and highlighted its significance.


A Dream Re-Rendered

“Gone With the Wind” and its red-earthed Georgia have been on my mind for some time.


It Hurts to Love Hip-Hop

 As a Black woman who has witnessed hip-hop’s misogynoir innumerable times, most recently with the Tory Lanez trial, I have questions. 

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